BONNEVILLE starring Joan Allen and Jessica Lange premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2006.

BLIND DATING directed by James Keach is presently
playing in theatres
across the country.

Jodi plays the wife of Aidan Quinn along side Meryl Streep in DARK MATTER which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival January 23, 2007.

Poster Aidan Chen Shi-Zheng Premiere

Jodi just wrapped on film, HEBER HOLIDAY and is currently shooting the independant film, REFLECTIONS IN THE MUD

mOdElIng & AcTIng

I began modeling in Chicago at the age of 15 and moved to Los Angeles at 18 to model with Wilhelmina West. Along with print and runway shows, I soon started doing commercials and got the taste of acting . I quickly turned my focus to studying with some of the top acting coaches in LA - Vincent Chase, Morgan Sheppard and Hank Berrings. I landed some great roles and soon got my
"on the job" training.

When we relocated to Utah, it was difficult to keep up my work in LA and thought my career was over; missing the acting immensely. Though I was soon fortunate to find "those" roles in Utah with parts on the TV dramas, Cover Me, Touched by an Angel & Everwood. Also lead roles in two Disney films- Right On Track & Go Figure.

There is such a "buzz" on a set, it really is addictive! A lot of hard work with great people coming together with one tell a story.

Link to some of Jodi's acting credits

Representation - Talent Management Group 801-263-6940


1. "Touched by an Angel" - Ernest Bourgnine & Tom Bosley
2. "Touched by an Angel" - Valerie Bertanelli
3. "Cover Me" - Shirley Jones
4. "Cover Me" - Shaun Cassidy
5. the star of "Cover Me" -
Peter Dobson
6. "Models Inc." -
Don Michael Paul
7. "Conan the Barbarian" -
Ralf Moeller & Andrew Craig
8. "Conan the Barbarian"
- The ethereal one...
9. "Conan" -
Hanging with the locals!
10."Everwood" - Treat Williams & John Savage
11. "Believe" - Betty Fuller at her book signing
12. Jodi with Kevin Sorbo
13. Jodi with Treat Williams



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aRTwoRk & pHoTOgRaPhy

Moving to Utah in 1991 and being surrounded by the incredible landscapes and wildlife opened up a whole new world to me, in many ways.

I have always enjoyed photography, but now it was a must!

I read every book and experimented with every film...and most recently digital, to teach myself what was possible to help capture the magic and beauty that was around me.

My artwork turned from oil on canvas to photos in Photoshop - with all the possibilities at my fingertips. A whole new reality opened its doors to my has been quite the journey, and I've only just begun the discovery of its limitless boundaries.


1 - Air Supply's Singer and the Song CD
2 - Air Supply's For Lovers Only Tour Book
3 - Time Capsule
4 - Heart of the Rose CD
5 - Celestine Traveler's CD
6 - Celestine Travelers - Dawn of Woman
7 - Celestine Travelers - Spirit
8 - Air Supply's Concrete Sky CD - Children
9 - Air Supply's Concrete Sky CD - Cat
10 - Air Supply's Concrete Sky CD - Taking Flight